Consider that If you’re awake for 14-16 hours per day, a mere one percent is under 10 minutes. By becoming at least One Percent Healthier, you can use these ten minutes to change your life! It only takes one percent effort to revitalize the mind, improve the body and refresh the spirit.

Hi. I’m Josh. I am a health-conscious individual with respect for my mind, body, soul and the foods that fuel me. Over the years I’ve been fascinated by self-help books, tips, social dynamics, plant-based nutrition and behavior. More specifically, I love popcorn advice (bite sized advice that is simple yet effective). For example, I discovered that to have perfect posture you simply need to lead with your heart.

We all have our emotional and physical obstacles every day. This isn’t a competition nor holding judgement on anyone. Problems lead to stress. Stress leads to inflammation. Inflammation leads to sickness, pain, injury and more. In 2015 I had my second back surgery and was one millimeter away from being paralyzed. While still on a path of recovery, I strive to surround myself with positive people, positive thoughts and positive actions.

Never underestimate the power of one. One simple change may motivate family and friends. One becomes three…. three becomes six, six becomes twelve … and so on. It’s contagious and it works. For me, I created Joosh‘s Juice Bar, a healthy children’s storybook series that centers around a family who run a juice bar in Tropland Rainforest. Each book has beautiful art, fun rhymes and healthy themes that instill compassion, respect and healthy eating habits to kids! For more information, visit

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