OneLight Studios is a boutique creative agency that specializes in brand strategy, marketing, and digital media production. We are based in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR, and work with a talented, diverse group of professionals from around the world.

Content creators

Whether we’re creating fundraising video campaigns, sales presentations, investor materials, live streaming small to major events around the world, or commercials, we tell stories that focus on intention and results.

We strive to develop an understanding of each client’s sensibilities and mission to raise awareness for their company or cause.

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360-degree video

360-degree video provides new immersion for viewers to interact with digital video. We’ve created several unique experiences that take you around the world; from the beaches of Venice Beach to the rainforest of Costa Rica to the stunning Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.


WEB & social media

The secret sauce of our work is usually confidential, however it is built on hard work, organization, and consistency. Whether creating a multi-step strategy that includes a website refresh and digital media roadmap, to driving traffic to all digital channels, we welcome the challenge.

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While our client list is typically confidential, we invite you to watch clips of our work over the years.

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